On a classic blog platform, you might want add advertisement on your own website to generate profit. We can help you setup the right contracts and implement it on your website.

Remember that a blog is a content driven website; it means that you offer information to the readers. The best is to prepare a few articles when contacting us to create a website so that we can understand your activities and develop a proper website design for you.

A blog platform is a live website, we will setup on your wishes possibilities for the readers to comment your articles. We can setup anti-spam systems to reduce your workload of administrating the website, leaving you more time for being creative.

We can also allow readers to link your website to social networks or their own websites. Back linking your website will help it gain a better referencing on the search engines such as Google. Adding to that, when creating a website we also enforce good referencing methods to maximize your chances to get in the first links of the search engines.